Scala Data Centers is the hyper-scalable data center platform that brings to Latin America the expertise and the global size of DigitalBridge.

Based in Brazil, we support cloud service providers in addition to large corporations on their digital transformation journeys.

We combine in-depth industry knowledge with extensive operational experience to deliver colocation and connectivity services that scale in a robust, agile and flexible way.

Our purpose is to enable the future and progress in Latin American countries through the development of digital infrastructure in the region.


March 2020

DigitalBridge, the investment firm that is one of the largest digital infrastructure players in the world, with more than USD 40 billion in assets and almost 125 data centers around the globe, decides to increase its presence in Latin America.

Marcos Peigo joins the group as a partner responsible for investments in the region.

Image: Marcos peigo joins the responsible partner

APRIL 2020

DigitalBridge acquires the data center and connectivity assets of the Brazilian company UOL Diveo.

Scala Data Centers is launched as DigitalBridge‘s data center platform in Latin America with an aggressive growth plan in the region.

Image: Digital Colony data center growth in Latin America

MAY 2020

The SP3 project – a new hyperscale single tenant data center – receives TIER 3 certification according to the TIA Standard.

Image: Obtaining TIA-942 certification


Scala Data Centers starts the construction of the new data center (SP3), a hyperscale single tenant project, at the Tamboré Campus.

With its inauguration scheduled for the first semester of 2021, the SP3 will have 12MW of total capacity in 5.2 thousand m² of area.

Image: New datacenter construction

October 2020

Scala finished the construction of its Headquarter for Latin America in Alphaville (SP) with around 2,000 m² of office space.


Image: completion of its Headquarter for Latin America

November 2020
Scala Data Centers announces the migration of 100% of its energy consumption to renewable and certified sources, becoming the first data center company in Latin America to reach this milestone.

Image: Migration of 100% of energy consumption to renewable sources

December 2020
As part of its strategic expansion plan, Scala concludes the acquisition of a relevant stake in the condominium in which SP1 and SP3 are installed, as well as the substation that serves it, with the transformation of a Campus with up to 120MW.

Image: strategic expansion plan

December 2020

Scala announces investment in education, donating 28 scholarships for Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering to underprivileged students. It also announces financial donations and support for hundreds of children served by Hospital Pequeno Príncipe and the NGO Jardim das Borboleta.

Image: Investment in education with the donation of 28 scholarships in the areas of Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering

APRIL 2021

Scala celebrates its first year of life with a series of achievements:

  • doubled its installed capacity,
  • increased five times its expansion capacity,
  • secured more than 1 million m² in land bank in 4 different countries,
  • Became the first data center company with 100% of its energy coming from a certified renewable source,
  • during the pandemic, hired more than 150 talents for the team,
  • distributed 28 full scholarships to young talents with economic constraints,
  • increased YoY ebitda by +50% and revenue execution rate by 35%,
  • started its first Internship Program in the areas of Sales, Projects, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Legal, Engineering and Purchasing.

Image: strategic expansion plan

MAY 2021
  • Scala announces a second campus in the state of São Paulo anchored by the acquisition of Algar Tech’s data center and colocation assets. It will deliver 100MW of sustainable capacity, in modern and sustainable data centers;
  • Scala wins the Great Place to Work® seal, placing us in the select group of companies that offer their employees a fair environment, with credibility and camaraderie, where respect prevails to encourage pride in belonging;
  • Scala receives CarbonNeutral® certification issued by Natural Capital Partners, the leading experts in carbon neutrality with more than 20 years of existence and more than 300 global clients. This is the first certification issued to a Latin American company in the data center sector that already operates with 100% renewable energy, confirming Scala’s commitment to investments based on sustainability.

Image: Investment in education with the donation of 28 scholarships in the areas of Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering

JULY 2021
  • Scala stands out in the ISG Provider Lens™ 2021 report and is the leader in Colocation in Brazil for the second consecutive year. Mentioned prominently in the study, we were recognized for our experience and focus on serving the hyperscaler market, for the proven capacity to expand our operations and for our pioneering actions and results in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) in the country.
  • Scala guarantees its customers 100% renewable and certified energy supply until 2033. Through a partnership with ENGIE Brasil Energia, the largest private energy producer in the country, we signed a long-term energy purchase agreement, ensuring the availability of more than 1,600 GWh in our operations – enough volume to supply a city of around 700 thousand people for a year.

Image: strategic expansion plan

  • We opened the first Engineering Center of Excellence (CoE) in the data center industry in Latin America. The CoE takes over the management of the entire design and construction chain of Scala’s data centers in the region, including the stages of technical diligence, test fit, conceptual and executive projects, from construction management to commissioning. The initiative is also responsible for developing data center technologies and solutions with a focus on increasing operational and energy efficiency.

Image: Investment in education with the donation of 28 scholarships in the areas of Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering

  • We started the constructions of SP4 and SP5 in Tamboré. Each campus is scheduled to open in 2022 and it aims to serve hyperscaler customers and major technology providers.
  • We announced the hiring of Country Managers for our operations in Chile, Mexico and Colombia, taking another step towards our internationalization plan in Latin America.

Image: strategic expansion plan

november 2021
  • We announce the contribution received from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), via DigitalBridge, to continue developing and enabling the future of digital infrastructure in Latin America.

Image: Investment in education with the donation of 28 scholarships in the areas of Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering


Scala Data Centers is leader in services and is one of the main 
investors in colocation in Brazil

 Image: Colocation leader in Brazil according to the ISG Provider Lens 2020 Report

Scala Data Centers was classified as leader in Colocation in Brazil in the ISG Provider Lens 2021 Report!

 Image: According to research by arizton advisory and intelligence, Scala is one of the three largest investors in Colocation in Brazil

Scala Data Centers is in the “three biggest investors in Colocation in Brazil” and in “the two biggest investors in São Paulo”, according to Arizton research!!


Scala Data Centers is led by an experienced team, which is fundamental for our continuous success.

Learn more about the members of our executive team:

Photo: Presidete Marcos Peigo



Marcos Peigo is Operating Partner at DigitalBridge, CEO and Board Member at Scala Data Centers. Peigo has been in the technology and infrastructure markets for over 20 years and has significant executive experience in Latin America, having served as Vice President of Value Creation at IBM Latin America, as CEO of Solvo S / A and as COO of UOL DIVEO. He studied Electrical Engineering and Economics at PUC-SP.

Photo: Corporate Vice President Luciano Fialho


VP M&A & Corporate Development

Graduated in Law and Accounting from UFMG, master in Corporate Law from Columbia University and in Finance and Business from MIT, Luciano takes the position of Corporate Vice President, having more than 25 years of experience in Brazil and in the USA in the areas of M&A, Finance, Legal and Governance.

Photo: Engineering Director Eugênio Cruz


Financial & Administrative

Graduated in Business Administration, with an executive MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral and Executive Education from Harvard Business School, Serafim is our Chief Financial & Administrative Officer. He is an experienced executive, with more + 24 years of experience in the areas of services, operations and finance in companies like IBM.

Photo: Engineering Director Eugênio Cruz


Engineering Director

Graduated in Security Engineering from Mackenzie and MBA in Business Management from FIA, Eugênio is our Engineer and Operations Director. With 24 years of experience in critical mission of Facilities, Data Centers and Telecom, he has worked at UOL DIVEO and Stiefel Laboratories.

Photo: People & Corporate Management Director Leandro Sulinsck


People & Workplace Director

Graduated in Administration and System Analysis from Puc-Campinas and MBA in Management from ESAMC, Leandro takes the position of People & Management Director adding up more than 20 years of experience acquired in companies as SBT, AT&T, Claro, SOlvo and UOL DIVEO.

photo: Finance and administrative director Caio Matias



Graduated in Administration from PUC-SP, MBA in Financial Management from FGV, Caio Matias is our Finance & Administrative Director, joining more than 20 years of experience in the areas of Finance, Financial Planning and Controlling, having worked at companies such as IBM, UOL DIVEO and Solvo.

Photo: Executive Strategy & Marketing Manager Christiana Spínola Weisshuhn



Graduated in Electrical Production Engineering at PUC-RJ, Christiana holds the position of Chief of Staff, bringing 23 years of experience at Accenture, where she built her career.

Photo: Business & Customer Service Director Cleber Braz


VP of Business Development and Customer Services

With an MBA in Business Administration and Management from FGV and almost 20 years of experience in service and sales management at companies such as IBM and UOL.

Photo: Director of Corporate Operations Alberto Alves


Data Center Operations Director

Graduated in Electrical Engineering by FESP, Alberto Alves is our Data Center Operations Director. Specialist in Mission Critical Facilities, has over 20 years of experience in Operation, Construction, Project Management and Business Development, Alberto has worked for companies such as GlobeNet, Ascenty, T-Systems, Telefônica, among others.

Photo: Director of Corporate Operations Alberto Alves



& Quality Director

Graduated in Computer Engineering from UNICAMP, Décio holds the position of IT, Quality & Compliance Director at Scala, bringing more than 25 years of professional experience developed in companies such as CENAPAD-SP, Motorola, Solvo Missão Crítica, UOL DIVEO e IBM.

Photo: Director of Corporate Operations Alberto Alves


Senior Advisor

With an MBA in Communications by the University of Massachusetts (USA), Brokaw is the Senior Vice President for International Business Development at Scala focused on expanding the company to serve hyperscale/scale customers. Brokaw brings more than 20 years of experience in managing the global infrastructure strategy for leading Internet customers and content providers. He developed his career in companies like EdgeConneX and Amazon, before joining DigitalBridge.

Photo: Director of Corporate Operations Alberto Alves



Graduated in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and with an MBA in Business Management from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Quintella has extensive experience in the engineering, construction and infrastructure investments sector and has 15 years of professional career at OEC, having been Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the organization for three years.

Photo: Director of Corporate Operations Alberto Alves



Graduated in Administration and Systems Analysis and with an MBA in Business Management from Faculdade Torcuato Di Tella, Guillermo Cipolla heads Scala’s operations in the Chilean market. With 25 years of experience in construction and management of services and sales in data centers for Latin America, Guillermo has a professional career of nearly two decades at IBM, where he was responsible for managing more than 35 data centers.

Photo: Director of Corporate Operations Alberto Alves



Master in Business Administration from the Universidad Latina de Panamá, Dax has been dedicated to the mission-critical industry for 16 years, bringing together important experiences in the Latin American market. He has worked for companies such as KIO Networks, Grupo UPS, in Panama, and Mexico Telecom Partners, where he held the Vice President of Edge & Critical Mission Solutions.

Photo: Director of Corporate Operations Alberto Alves



An Electronic Engineer from Universidad Santiago de Cali, Dany is a Project Management Specialist from Universidad del Bosque and has more than 20 years of experience in electrical systems and 15 years of experience in data center solutions, acquired in global companies such as Schneider Electric and Huawei.




Graduated in Electronic Engineering from PUC-RJ, Agostinho has more than 34 years of experience in technology, software, hardware, innovation, IoT, Quantum Computing and 5G, having been founder of IBM Brazil Garage, Distinguished Engineer at IBM and co-author of a patent on cybersecurity.

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