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Scala Data Centers expands Brazilian footprint with new HyperEdge data center in Porto Alegre city  

Strategically located, the new site was built using the FastDeploy methodology and has an initial capacity of 4.8MW of IT, representing an investment of R$240 million in Rio Grande do Sul  


SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – December 15th, 2023Scala Data Centers, the leading Latin American platform for sustainable data centers in the Hyperscale market, announces the operations launch of its first site in the Brazilian Southern Region, based in Porto Alegre city. With 4.8MW of IT, SPOAPA01 data center is part of the HyperEdge family and is configured to meet the demand for connection and distributed computing. As the result of an investment of R$ 240 million, the data center is dedicated to Hyperscale customers, who have an enormous demand of infrastructures designed for large volumes of data and processing, and that are highly scalable.  

Designed with the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability, the installation materializes a Scala strategic investment in Rio Grande do Sul state and reinforces the company’s purpose in enabling the future of Latin America. SPOAPA01 data center is based in Navegantes neighborhood, close to Salgado Filho International Airport, in a region called 4th District – which is an important innovation and technology hub in the city of Rio Grande do Sul.  

The strategic choice of Porto Alegre is based not only on its proximity to legacy data centers in a highly connected region but also on the prospect of becoming a connection point for the Malbec submarine cable. This 1,550-mile cable already links São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires. The planned branch aims to directly connect Porto Alegre to Buenos Aires, further solidifying the position of the city as a connectivity hub, providing low-latency communication with the Argentine market.  

“We are excited about the inauguration of this new data center, which occupies a strategic position close to data centers that serve telecom operators. Despite the obsolete architecture, density and capacity compared to Hyperscale customer standards, these other sites in the region represent relevant points of connection and traffic interest. With this site now in operation, our customers finally have the alternative of a global standard data center to serve the region’s growing market, including support for the Buenos Aires region, in Argentina,” shares Marcos Peigo, CEO and Co-Founder of Scala.  

HyperEdge SPOAPA01 data center is 100% powered by certified renewable energy, in line with the company’s portfolio. With high efficiency in the use of its resources, the building was designed to operate with a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of less than 1.4 and a WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness, which measures the efficiency of water use in the facilities) of zero, since it uses closed circuit and air cooling.  

The construction met sustainability goals by employing the FastDeploy approach, Scala’s proprietary design and construction methodology which allows deploy in up to 50% less time when compared to the traditional model. This solution is based on prefabricated and transportable modular components, which are integrated into the buildings where the data center is located, with an optimized experience for Hyperscale customers.   

The pioneering project was led by the company’s Center of Excellence in Engineering (CoE), which has more than 400 engineers, architects, and data center specialists across Latin America. Scala’s CoE works in the planning and execution of all activities related to the construction and operation of a data center, from choosing the land, through planning, design, construction, and commissioning – which speeds up delivery to customers and brings gains in scale, energy efficiency, as well as greater control and visibility of projects.  

Scala currently operates nine data centers. Four of them are located at the Tamboré Campus, in Barueri (São Paulo state, Brazil), and the others are distributed across the cities of São Paulo, Campinas (São Paulo state, Brazil), São João de Meriti (Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil), Curauma (Chile), Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil) and Tepotzotlán (Mexico). Of these, the last four came into operation in 2023. The company is also in an advanced process of building new sites at the Tamboré Campus and Chile, in addition to having projects underway to implement new data centers in Jundiaí city (Brazil), Chile, Mexico and Colombia. Since its founding in 2020, Scala has invested more than R$ 8 billion in its Latin America projects and expects to reach 500MW of distributed capacity within the next five years in the four countries where it will operate.  


About Scala Data Centers  

Scala Data Centers is the leading Latin American platform of sustainable data centers in the Hyperscale market. Headquartered in Brazil and founded by DigitalBridge, it was developed to meet and exceed the growing demand for digital access in Latin America. Scala has a highly qualified team of over 950 professionals and applies a flexible and innovative approach to providing exceptional quality colocation services to hyperscale clients, cloud-based software and service providers, and large enterprises. We customize state-of-the-art solutions for each client in the construction of the latest generation data centers, with high availability, the best energy efficiency rates, and superior density. All this allied to the best sustainability practices guided by our ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) program. For more information, visit