The challenges of a digital and connected world demand from businesses a high level of competitivity and experience never seen before. With that in mind, Scala Data Centers has developed a set of solutions and a team of consultants that will help your company to structure or consolidate your technology infrastructure in the physical world and in cloud, in a scalable and safe way. 


Our clients have certified environments in our data centers and can connect with the main Cloud Computing players, as well as explore the best of cloud scalability while maintaining compliance rules or specific requirements in their on-premises environments.


Scala Data Centers has all the necessary infrastructure to connect your company to your customers, employees and partners!


From the project designed to meet the needs of your business to an agile and flexible operation, the Scala Data Centers team is prepared to support the technology needs of our customers.

Remote Hands

Our infrastructure analysts and engineers can act as an extension of your technology team, ensuring agility and offering support in emergency or routine situations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

BCS (Business Continuity Services)

We all have to be prepared for emergency situations and Scala Data Centers’ BCS service offers the entire workplace infrastructure connected to your environments hosted in our data centers, ensuring the continuity of your operations and your business.

Lan to Lan

Connect your hosted environments in our data centers using our high-density and low-latency network.

Access to the internet

Make your data accessible through our redundant internet connections at one of the most capable connection points in Latin America.


Through our high capacity, performance, and availability DWDM network, we connect our data centers, ensuring high quality communication with their redundant sites or with productive environments hosted in different locations of Scala Data Centers.

DDoS Protection

The DDoS Protection Service is a permanent security solution that prevents, through sophisticated algorithms, from the simplest to the most complex Denial of Service attacks, keeping its environments available and accessible to its customers and users.

Infrastructure Projects (Trusted Advisor)

Our team of consultants is prepared to understand your company’s needs and design the technology journey according to your level of criticality.

From infrastructure projects to hybrid cloud architectures, our team has trained professionals to select, in an agnostic and impartial way, the appropriate technology for your business.

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