Sustainability in a non-negotiable commitment for us. Sustainability is not a goal but a principle. Scala delivers today what our global customers demand as a standard for years to come. Actions speak louder than promises, and our commitment to sustainability is a collection of concrete and expressive results




We believe that, through the promotion of social projects based on education and training, we can immensely contribute to transforming society.
We want to generate a positive impact, so we value projects and partnerships which benefit human capital.


We are committed to investing in all the communities where we operate to improve the quality of life by creating job opportunities and technical training courses. We maintain ongoing communication with the community and have already established processes to address its interests and concerns. Our goal is to develop a relationship of trust through open, continuous, and transparent communication.​
In 2022, we partnered with Infrastructure Masons (iMasons), a professional non-profit organization of technology and business leaders representing more than US$ 150 billion in infrastructure projects in more than 130 countries. We proudly assume the leadership of the Brazilian Chapter of the entity. Through it, we will contribute even more to the development of digital infrastructure in Latin America, addressing topics such as professional training, education, environmental-based projects, and innovation initiatives.​


Engineer Training Program

Scala and IT Mídia Institute | São Paulo state

We believe that education and infrastructure enable the progress of a nation. For this reason, we invest in Scala employees and the communities where we operate. In 2020, we awarded 28 full scholarships for bachelor’s degrees in Electrical, Mechanics, and Civil Engineering to young people in situations of social vulnerability. In 2021, we offered 24 more scholarships, totaling 52. This program was carried out in partnership with IT Mídia Institute in São Paulo (SP), which operates and manages the program with us. Through this transformative project, these young people can also work at Scala as trainees and develop their professional careers in the data center segment. Scala has changed not only these students’ lives but also their families’ lives.​


‘Cidadãos de Dados’ Project

Social Good Brasil | Brasil

The project is part of the Data for Good initiative, which trains young people by using technology for a better world. To reduce digital deserts, serve communities that have little or no technological access, and reduce economic, social, and environmental instability, the ‘Cidadãos de Dados’ Project promotes a distance learning course, providing learning in seven human and analytical skills which are essential for the digital world and the future of work.


‘Preparação para o Primeiro Emprego’ Project

AFESU | São Paulo state

The project consists of providing training workshops to women to prepare them for the job market. During these meetings, administrative and computer practices are explored, offering professional development along with the intellectual, social, and affective aspects of the participants.


‘Futuras Leoas’ Project

‘Leoas da Serra’ Association | Santa Catarina state

The project promotes sports, through indoor soccer, and educational activities after school hours as an instrument to help build citizenship of more than 210 girls and teenagers in situations of social vulnerability. With these activities, the ‘Futuras Leoas’ Project contributes to their integral development.


‘Vacina Terapêutica’ Project

Pequeno Príncipe Hospital | Paraná state

The project develops a therapeutic vaccine aimed at pediatric patients for the treatment of adrenal cortex carcinoma, a type of cancer that is resistant to chemotherapy treatment. To reduce the adverse effects of these disease-fighting treatment, the project proposes patient care through Mitotane and the vaccine.


‘Atendimento para Idosos’ Project

‘Banco de Olhos de Goiás | Goiás state

The project provides ophthalmological consultations and complete glasses for the elderly in conditions of social vulnerability. The initiative serves the region of Goiás state and extends to São Salvador, Tocantins state, where the São Salvador Hydroelectric Power Plant is located – one of those responsible for providing renewable energy for Scala’s operations.


‘Um Olhar sobre o Desenvolvimento, Estimulação, Habilitação e Reabilitação dos Usuários’ Project

APAE | Espírito Santo state

The project aims to expand services in speech therapy, psychology, and physiotherapy to meet demands and reduce bottlenecks in the city and region through the implementation of Neonatal Hearing Screening, enabling the early identification of hearing impairments in neonates of mostly low-income families.


Digital Hospital Project

Pequeno Príncipe Hospital | Paraná state​

We supported the Digital Hospital Project, which aimed to increase the quality, agility, and safety of patient care through digital technology solutions at Pequeno Príncipe Hospital, the largest pediatric hospital in Latin America.


NGO support

Jardim das Borboletas NGO | Bahia state​

We donated financial resources to support the care of children with epidermolysis bullosa and the daily care that the disease requires, with the use of supplements, dressings, and a series of pharmacy, health, and hygiene items.


‘Tetear Tech’ Project

Pequeno Príncipe Hospital | Paraná state​

The already supported project integrates art and technology for a hands-on education proposal, which dialogues with traditional school practices through a creative and integrative approach to public school students and young people in situations of vulnerability and risk.