SCALA’S 2022


were invested in sustainable

initiatives throughout 2022

Data centers stand at the forefront of industries that significantly impact global energy consumption, inevitably leading to a parallel strain on water resources. The scale of their energy demands is vast, prompting a closer examination of their environmental footprint. As these data hubs continue to multiply in our interconnected world, the need for sustainable practices within the industry becomes ever more urgent. In this era of digital expansion, striking a balance between technological advancement and environmental responsibility is paramount. Since day one, we at Scala recognized the pressing needs surrounding energy consumption in data centers. Taking decisive action within our industry has been our non-negotiable commitment. Understanding the gravity of the situation, we’ve proactively implemented measures to address these challenges head-on.

Today, the global average surface temperature is already around 1.2 oc above pre-industrial levels, prompting heatwaves and other extreme
weather events, and greenhouse gas emissions have not yet peaked

International Energy Agency (IEA), 2023

From the outset, our team has been driven by a vision of not just keeping pace with technological advancements but also ensuring that we contribute to a sustainable future. In the dynamic realm of digital infrastructure, where our data centers multiply exponentially, our dedication to responsible environmental practices remains steadfast.

As a company, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in Latin America in the pursuit of solutions that strike a harmonious balance between technological innovation and environmental stewardship.

Scala stands as a testament to the belief that, with foresight and strategic initiatives, we can lead the way towards a more sustainable digital future.