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Enabling LATAM for the Hyperscale Data Center Market

In the ever-evolving landscape of data centers, meeting the demands of Hyperscale infrastructures is no small feat. Scala has risen to this challenge by pioneering sustainable, innovative, and future-proof data centers in Latin America that comply with long-term and scalable high-energy efficiency standards and cater to the specific capacity requirements of our Hyperscale customers.  

Why Latin America Presents Ideal Growth Opportunities for Hyperscale Market? 

Latin America stands as a promising frontier for the Hyperscale data center market for several compelling reasons: 

  • Emerging Markets: Major Latin American countries are regarded as emerging markets, brimming with untapped growth potential. The region exhibits a surge in consumer demand and an array of unexplored digital business opportunities.
  • Large and Expanding Population: Latin America boasts a 685MM population, providing a vast customer base for businesses, particularly in sectors like e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital services.
  • Escalating Internet Penetration: Despite having smaller populations in some regions and emerging economies, Latin American countries exhibit higher Internet penetration rates when compared to nations like China, India, and various European counterparts. The ongoing surge in internet adoption within LATAM is noteworthy, as more than 75.6% of the population is now enjoying online connectivity. This holds promising prospects for online service providers and digital product companies seeking to tap into this expanding market.
  • Digital Transformation: Countries like Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia are in the throes of digital transformation, fueling the demand for cloud services and Hyperscale data centers. As businesses migrate to digital processes, there’s an increasing need for robust IT infrastructure, a demand that Scala is uniquely positioned to fulfill. 
  • Subsea Cables: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile are strategically located to benefit from subsea cables, ensuring maximum connectivity to the region. It is also important to mention that the Brazilian Northern city, Fortaleza, is the main hub for subsea cables in Latin America.
  • Clean Energy Resources: Latin America has available natural resources, including renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric, solar, and wind power. These sustainable energy sources can be harnessed by eco-friendly data center operations, as exemplified by the Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant in Brazil, one of the largest ones in the world.  

How Scala is Pioneering New Markets 

Scala is seizing this opportunity and leaving an indelible mark on Latin America by blazing a trail in two distinct ways: by exploring new markets, and by raising the bar in established regions through the design, construction, and operation of Hyperscale, sustainable, future-proof, and innovative data centers. We don’t just build high-efficiency buildings; we are responsible for their entire lifecycle – from project, design, and construction management until delivery to operation. Here’s how we do it: 

  • Future-proof way of working: accommodating data-intensive workloads like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, achieving cost-efficiency, and maintaining environmental responsibility. Scala has embraced these challenges and introduced innovative and environmentally conscious solutions.
  • Center of Excellence in Engineering (CoE): With a robust team of over 340 engineers, architects, and data center specialists, Scala’s Center of Excellence in Engineering (CoE) oversees the entire lifecycle of data centers, from land feasibility, test fit, technical diligence, design, and project management to construction and delivery to operation. We’re proud of having the most engineers in a non-engineering company in Brazil.
  • Emphasizing Our Commitment to Sustainability: Scala’s nonnegotiable commitment to sustainability permeates every facet of our data center design, construction, and operation. Sustainability is not an option; it’s been a core principle since day one for us. We want to enhance data center efficiency and scalability while upholding the highest standards of energy supply excellence, contributing, and investing in people in our community through education as we believe that both infrastructure and education are transformative agents in our society.
  • Carbon Neutral and Renewable Energy: We have been 100% carbon neutral since day one as well as we use 100% renewable and certified energy in all our data centers operations.  Our primary focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and reducing our carbon footprint underscores our responsibility to combat climate change and preserve the environment.  Our buildings adhere to LEED requirements and are in the process of certification.
  • Improved Design Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE): We have the lowest PUE in Latin America, which ranges below 1.35 in our state-of-the-art data centers. We do it by minimizing energy losses and optimizing cooling systems, resulting in ZERO water usage in our data centers air cooling systems.
  • Implementation of Advanced Technologies: Through strategic partnerships, we’ve invested in innovative solutions such as free cooling systems that utilize ambient air, reducing traditional cooling system usage and lowering energy consumption. We establish long-term partnerships with our suppliers seeking the most innovative technologies on the market.  

Currently, we operate in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico and we’re proud to be enabling Latin America into the future by embracing highly efficient, innovative, and sustainable practices, and elevating asset management to new heights. We are where the customers need to be for sustainable and efficient Hyperscale data centers. 

By Fernanda Belchior

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager


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