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FastDeploy: Revolutionizing Data Center Construction for a Sustainable Future

In the era of digital transformation, data centers have become the backbone of modern technological advancements. As the demand for data processing and storage continues to skyrocket, the need for innovative data center construction methods that minimize stranded assets and reduce the carbon footprint is paramount. Scala Data Centers, as the leading Latin American platform of sustainable data centers in the Hyperscale market, has introduced an innovative, scalable, high-performance, future-proof, and time-saving solution called FastDeploy. This proprietary design and construction methodology ensures scalability, replicability, and flexibility by incorporating prefabricated and transportable modular components. By adopting FastDeploy, Scala is setting new standards for sustainable data center construction and operation while meeting the growing market demands.

Accelerating Expansion and Redefining Regional Data Centers
Scala’s FastDeploy methodology is driving the rapid expansion of HyperEdge regional data centers in Latin America. Positioned strategically in metropolitan areas, these data centers serve as crucial links between central data centers and regions with high population densities and economic activities. With over 87 cities in Latin America boasting populations exceeding 500,000 inhabitants, and 26 cities surpassing 2 million inhabitants, regional data centers are well-positioned to deliver low-latency services and support connectivity. Additionally, HyperEdge regional data centers based on a strategic location can enable 5G and its new technology.

FastDeploy: Enabling Scalable Growth and Customization
The key advantage of FastDeploy lies in its ability to facilitate the rapid exploration of new regional and strategic markets. Scala’s Hyperscale customers can expand their operations swiftly, capitalizing on the benefits of being early adopters. The modular nature of FastDeploy allows for long-term contracts with smooth ramps of growth to accommodate increasing demands. Moreover, this innovative approach enables the implementation of shared buildings without compromising on the individualized customization features available in Scala’s single-tenant data centers with high capacity. This flexibility ensures that customer requirements can be met effectively while maintaining scalability.

Technical Ingenuity of FastDeploy
FastDeploy’s modular components are designed to provide power and cooling resources capable of supporting varying densities, exceeding 20kW per rack. Each FastDeploy consists of 600kW per module, which can be easily expanded by integrating additional Mini-Pods, delivering up to 60 racks per block. Scala has partnered exclusively with Modular Data Centers, to produce smart modular structures. Equipped with a state-of-the-art factory launched in 2022, covering over 20,000 sqm, Modular Data Centers fully meets the demands of FastDeploy. The manufacturer delivers the solution fully assembled, load-tested, commissioned, and meeting TIA-942 standards, bringing modular components throughout Latin America, ensuring quality and reliability.

A Solution Designed by a Fully Dedicated and Experienced Team
Our Center of Excellence in Engineering (CoE) consists of over 340 data center specialists, architects, and engineers across Latin America dedicated to an end-to-end Hyperscale strategy. They are responsible for driving FastDeploy innovation in our data centers by conducting research and delivering solutions that guarantee our land’s best constructive use, energy, and water efficiency solutions, bringing equipment and cooling methods that provide the best usage of your resources, which ensures Scala has the lowest PUE in Latin America.

Embracing Sustainability and Industry Standards
Recognizing the importance of sustainable construction practices, Scala’s FastDeploy methodology is compliant with the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 3 standard. This comprehensive standard assesses electrical, mechanical, telecom, architectural, and safety parameters for data center construction and design. Scala is the sole colocation operator in the region working with this esteemed standard, further demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices, and ensuring the highest quality infrastructure.

A future-proof and high-performance solution
Scala’s FastDeploy methodology is revolutionizing data center construction by addressing the urgent need for scalability, replicability, and sustainability. One notable example is our 13.2 MW IT SGIGSM01 HyperEdge data center, located in São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This facility was deployed in a remarkable 9 months time frame (from August 2022 to April 2023) focusing on accelerating the adoption of low-latency applications and time to market throughout Latin America, fostering digital innovation and economic growth. Scala’s commitment to sustainability and adherence to industry standards further establishes its leadership in the data center industry. As the demand for data processing continues to surge, FastDeploy paves the way for a more efficient, scalable, and environmentally conscious future. Scala has also been developing other FastDeploy solutions that are yet to be implemented in other strategic cities in Brazil, such as Porto Alegre, Fortaleza, São Paulo Greater area, and other countries throughout Latin America such as Chile, Mexico, and Colombia.

By Thiago Pongelupe
Pre-Sales and Product Director


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