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São Paulo and Paraná states are connected with new fiber network

São Paulo and Paraná states are connected with new fiber network

SAO PAULO – December 23th, 2020 – Ava Telecom announces investments in expanding its network, in order to better meet the growing demand from local Internet service providers (ISPs), motivated mainly by the home office and the longer time users have spent at home during the quarantine period.

Already in operation, a new Fiber Optic ring connects Campinas to Ourinhos, passing through important cities such as Conchas, Botucatu and Bauru, going to the border with Paraná, creating a new interconnection between the two states and enabling new redundancy rings. There are an additional 600 km of network, with an active capacity of 1.2 Tbps, serving about 50 local providers, which take Internet to 16 new cities. Thus, Ava Telecom’s network becomes the only one in the western region of the state of São Paulo that has redundancies, alternative routes from Ourinhos, via Paraná.

In addition, Ava Telecom is doubling the traffic capacity of its current network, which now has up to 4 Tbps, directly connecting the interior of the state to the PTTs (Traffic Exchange Points) in Barueri, with a new redundancy ring at Anhanguera and Bandeirantes, which brings even greater stability and security to the operation. The new network structure was planned to serve the new data centers Ascenty and Equinix 4, which add to Tellium and Equinix 2, which were already part of the network. The structure is also already dimensioned to meet the future opening of the Scala and Equinix 3 data centers.

For Paul Sassine, CEO of Ava Telecom, “the investment in network infrastructure in the interior of the country is motivated, above all, by the sustainable growth of demand, resulting not only from the increase in traffic during quarantine, but also from the excellent performance of local providers , increasingly better prepared to meet the demands of people and companies, diversifying their offer and ways of acting”.

Founded in 2013, Ava Telecom has become a reference in high-capacity connections, enabling network traffic to numerous ISPs in the state of São Paulo. Its backbone redundantly connects most of the state’s municipalities, connecting them directly to the main PTTs in the country. Ava Telecom continuously invests in the construction of DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) networks to add more transmission capacity to its optical network, with more than 2,000 kilometers in the state of São Paulo. Ava Telecom plans, builds, maintains and operates smart grids anywhere in the world. Its core allows to provide, with the highest quality, dedicated data and voice transmission services to all types of organizations, such as companies, universities, public governments, industries and industrial parks.

Source: InforChannel