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Scala Data Centers applies Dux Group disinfection system

Service was applied at the Tamboré (SP) and Glete units in Barueri

Scala Data Centers decided to protect its employees by disinfecting and cleaning the workspace. The company acquired the pioneering service offered by the DUX Group to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus.

The measure is a pioneer in the sector and aims to meet the particularities of a data center and companies. The DUX Group’s Biosafety offer consists of a series of procedures that establish the guarantee of human health, as defined by Anvisa. In other words, Biosafety services are contracted to prevent biological risks. They include systems for disinfecting environments and surfaces, processes for cleaning people, which combined are extremely important in the context of the pandemic and the economic reopening.

DUX Grupo’s solutions are offered through the Health Control System, and act as a barrier in the fight against the new coronavirus, so that the contaminating agent does not spread in the work environment.

“Our solution (based on benzalkonium chloride) is approved by Anvisa and tested by Unicamp’s biology laboratory. Its duration on surfaces is up to four days, being much more efficient than other proposals. The application by equipment allows the microdroplets of the product to spread even in the most difficult corners, which in a traditional cleaning process are not reached”, explains the commercial director of the DUX Group, Márcio Del Coi, adding that Unicamp specialists attested that the product it does not pose a risk to people, as it is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, does not stain clothing or bags, and is biodegradable.

“In the data center sector, it is essential that operations are not interrupted for health reasons. This is an essential factor, since, in a world as strongly connected as the current one, these companies need to operate uninterruptedly”, emphasizes the executive who, in an interview, talks about the performance of the DUX Group in the sector. Read on, below.

Tatiane Aquim: Is the Data Center Biosafety service a trend that is here to stay or will it lose strength in the post-pandemic?

Márcio Del Coi:The pandemic has impacted people’s lives definitely; by imposing new habits and care in living together with the use of the mask, for example. People identified in their routines the various moments in which they can become contaminated in collective environments and started washing their hands and food frequently, leaving their shoes at the door, etc. In the workplace they will reproduce these routines and companies will need to be prepared to handle these new rituals of living together. The DUX Group believes that Biosafety procedures in data centers will be a requirement of the worker and a commitment of employers to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity.

T. A.: Why is the service so necessary?

M. C.:The surfaces and environments of a data center must be risk-free so that employees can act more safely and to mitigate a health crisis. It must be made clear that traditional cleaning services, which were adopted by companies today, are no longer sufficient to contain these new viruses that are emerging. The products need to be efficient and long-lasting so that the virus structure is destroyed and, at the same time, cannot offer risks of poisoning for employees who share the same space. Therefore, the services of disinfecting environments and cleaning people are more complex and require innovation and responsibility from suppliers to ensure the safety of the operations of these companies. That is why the DUX Group endorsed the efficiency and safety of its products, with expert reports from Unicamp, in order to serve various sectors of the economy, in corporate, hospital, manufacturing, educational, retail and logistical environments.

With the relaxation of isolation, people are returning to using public transport, to circulate in the streets and return to work; although in many cases in the form of rotation. Systems that stop the transmission of the virus are of the first necessity for the resumption.

T. A.: Is there a demand?

M. C.: The demand exists and a lot. If we think about the moment we are living with this pandemic, and the lack of security that we all feel when entering an environment that does not have control measures for the spread of the virus, we realize a great need in the market, not exclusively for data centers, but of any establishment that has a flow of people in and out.

Based on this understanding, DUX Grupo has developed several solutions, ranging from robust and industrial applications, to compact and punctual, aiming to meet the needs of all types of companies in the market. We have several manual applicators for the disinfection of environments, and also with several models of fixed application, aiming at the sanitization of people and objects. Daily, we receive requests from the most diverse companies and sectors. Therefore, we are always in constant development of new solutions to meet each demand in a customized way.

T. A.: Since when have Biosafety measures been adopted by data center companies?

M. C.: Among the companies in the sector, Scala Data Centers is a pioneer in disinfecting environments. In early May, it acquired units from our side application beams, which perform the cleaning of the clothes and objects of people entering and leaving the company by means of the misting of microdroplets.

T. A.: How was the work done?

M. C.:The whole process with Scala was very fast and efficient. We had a first contact due to an indication of a partner, and given the innovative profile of the two companies, we made the project possible with ease.

On the occasion, we carried out a technical assessment at a distance, from the company’s entrance, with images and videos. After analyzing these data, we indicate the best solution for application, which consists of lateral application beams, activated by presence sensor. These beams make the misting of our product’s microdroplets, promoting the hygiene of people and objects that pass through the application.

After accepting the proposal, we installed the system with our operational team. In this installation happens all validation and calibration of the system and activation, as well as the training to handle them, and also the chemical dilution.

T. A.: In which data centers was the service performed? M. C.:The solutions were applied at the Tamboré (SP) and Glete units in Barueri.

Source: DatacenterDynamics