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Scala Data Centers joins the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA) 

The global initiative, which gathered the membership of major technology providers in May, seeks to reduce carbon emissions in order to help accelerating the industry’s response to climate change 

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — May 23rd, 2022 — Scala Data Centers, a sustainable hyperscalable data centers platform, has just become a member of the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA), a group formed by companies committed to reducing carbon in digital infrastructure materials, products and energy. Created last April, ICA is an initiative by Infrastructure Masons (iMasons), a non-profit global professional association founded in 2016 that aims to bring together companies responsible for advancing the digital age and creating a better-connected world for people. 

During a conference held by members of the organization in Monaco at the end of April, a joint effort of more than 70 technology companies was announced to take more measures to track and reduce the environmental impact of data centers, establishing a new level of responsibility on carbon emissions. This initiative gave rise to ICA, which has among its members the four main cloud providers – Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft and Meta – and other important global infrastructure players in the technology sector, including Scala, which joined the ICA until mid-May. 

For Marcos Peigo, CEO of Scala Data Centers, joining the ICA will bring more support to the company’s sustainable initiatives, which already adopts the use of 100% renewable and certified energy, in addition to the pioneering achievement of carbon neutrality certification since its foundation. 

The iMasons Climate Accord is already developing solutions and presenting project definitions to reduce the environmental impacts of data centers. One of them is creating a method to measure and report the carbon footprint of everything being used in the data center such as energy, materials, and other inputs. Adopting this standard would be similar to having a parameter such as Energy Use Effectiveness (PUE) and Water Use Effectiveness (WUE). “These metrics are widely used to attest to energy efficiency and water use in data centers and the industry is always looking to improve these rates. Therefore, creating a similar standard to measure carbon emissions is essential to guide processes towards the reduction”, concludes Peigo. 

About Scala Data Centers 

Scala Data Centers is the Sustainable Hyperscalable Data Centers platform based in Brazil and founded by DigitalBridge. Developed to meet and exceed the growing demand for digital access in Latin America, Scala has a highly qualified team of more than 400 professionals and applies a flexible and innovative approach to deliver exceptional quality colocation services to hyperscale clients, service and cloud software providers, and large enterprises. We customize state-of-the-art solutions for each client in the construction of the latest generation data centers, with high availability, energy efficiency and superior density. All this combined with best sustainability practices guided by our ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) program. For more information, visit 

About DigitalBridge 

DigitalBridge (NYSE: DBRG) is a global digital infrastructure REIT. It has more than 25 years investing in and operating businesses across the digital ecosystem, including towers, data centers, fiber, small cells, and cutting-edge infrastructure. The DigitalBridge team manages a portfolio of more than US$ 45 billion of digital infrastructure assets. DigitalBridge is headquartered in Boca Raton and has offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Singapore.