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Scala Data Centers renews GPTW’s seal of Best Companies to Work 

With two years of history, Brazilian company already received the acknowledgement in 2021 and 2022 

Scala Data Centers, a sustainable hyperscalable data center platform, has just been named for the second consecutive year as one of the best companies to work for. Repeating the 2021 outcome, the company received this month another Great Place to Work Seal – a global consultancy supporting organizations to achieve better results through a culture of trust, high performance and innovation. 

Scala’s positive performance in the internal surveys carried out by the GPTW which resulted in the seal took place in the midst of a consolidation context of its organizational culture, focused on the well-being of its employees, and of its team’s expansion, which has been going on throughout its two years of operation. Several initiatives carried out by the HR area aimed to bring the team together as a whole, including the leaders, such as actions to promote a more humanized interaction and establishing relationships of transparency and trust. 

Leandro Sulinscki, People and Workplace Director at Scala, highlights that performing a survey like this with a team that reached more than 400 employees in a short time and is very culturally diverse, with people from different Latin American countries and other regions, and getting a positive result is an achievement.  

For him, the fact that the company is young, with two years of history, and having obtained two GPTW seals shows that the attracting and retaining talent work has been very positive and is promising for the coming years.  

“We are very proud to receive two GPTW Seals in a period that corresponds to our entire history. As we always seek to promote the well-being of our employees, this recognition indicates that we are on the right path, since one of the criteria for this is to obtain a high level of satisfaction from them when answering the survey. It demonstrates we are receiving and integrating new employees with excellence, and we will continue to work towards this direction to make the experience of being part of the Scala team even better”, he states.